Annual Summit & SACON 2020 Agenda

Annual Summit & SACON 2020 Agenda

You can download the agenda from here

Annual Summit 2020

Panel Discussions

  • Building SOC: Critical Success Factors & Vendor Evaluation Criteria
  • Third Party Risk Management: Checklists, Frameworks & Tools
  • Emerging Security Trends in 2020 which A CISO Must not miss
  • Cyber Security Best Practices for 2020
  • Offensive Security: Frameworks, Tools & Best Practices
  • First 90 Days Plan After Joining As a CISO
  • Reference Architecture for a Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Presenting Security to Your Board and Managing Your Stakeholders

Playbook Round Table Sessions

  • Managing 3rd Party & Supply Chain Risks
  • Shadow IT Risk Management
  • Zeroing-In on Zero Trust Security
  • Ideas-Budgets-Reality :Speaking the language of the CEO and the Board
  • Offensive Security & Attack Surface Analysis
  • Dynamic Cyber Defence Transformation
  • SDLC Security Gap Analysis: Discover the missing security links in your chain
  • Implementing Cloud Workload Protection Technology


  • Kids Cyber Safety Initiative
  • Open Source Product Listing and Comparison
  • Product Discovery & Comparison
  • Checklist & Frameworks

SACON: Workshops By Blackhat & Defcon Speakers

  • IoT Workshop [Blackhat USA 2019 Training]
  • Reverse Engineering Workshop [DEFCON Training]
  • Darkweb Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • Building SOC Using Open Source Tools Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • SDN Security & 5G Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • Building Privacy For Your Organization [Industry Expert Strategy]
  • API Security Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • Threat Hunting Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • Web Hacking & Cyber Range Workshop [Industry Expert Training]
  • Thinking Like An Attacker Workshop [Industry Expert Training]

SACON: Short Strategy Talks For Security Managers

  • Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Living In A World Of Zero Trust
  • DevSecOps Tools & Demo
  • Quantum Computing and Security Impact
  • Radio Communication & Wireless Attacks
  • Threat Modeling For Secure Software Development
  • Attack Vectors Of Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Hacking Demo

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