Kids Cyber Safety Initiative

CISO Platform Kids Cyber Safety Initiative

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Our Mission

Children are amongst the most vulnerable in the Cyber world and we believe It is time for us to do something for our next generation.

At CISO Platform community, we have taken on a mission to help the kids. We are creating "Kid's Cyber Safety Week" on June 4 -10 to help train kids and their parents.

We need you to help to realize our vision. It would be great if you could indicate your interest by volunteering.


How To Volunteer ?

If you are a IT Security Professional, teacher, school, university, lecturer or anybody who believes in cyber safety for kids, we invite you to participate. Below are the volunteering opportunities for you : 

  • IT Security Professionals - participation link click here.
  • Corporates/CSR Groups - participation link click here
  • Schools / Teacher - participation link click here.
  • Parents - participation link click here.



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