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CyberPro Podcast - Focus of Cybersecurity is to Manage Digital Risk – Matthew Rosenquist

I had such a great time talking about the challenges, chaos, and importance of cybersecurity to preserve trust in digital technology.

6 Questions in a 9 Minute format!

Thanks Rick Mischka and …


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More Supply-Chain Cyberattacks are in the Wind

It appears France is the main victim for this recent attack which has several uncanny similarities to the SolarWinds exploitation that exposed thousands of U.S. government agencies, critical…


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Safety Risks Rise Due to Critical Infrastructure Cyber Attacks

The recent attempt by malicious hackers to poison a Florida city water supply, highlights the public risks and exposure of critical infrastructures.  Luckily, this incident was detected by an observant technician and mitigated before people were hurt, but it…


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Falsely Vilifying Cryptocurrency in the Name of Cybersecurity

I get frustrated by shortsighted perceptions, which are misleading and dangerous is far easier to vilify something people don't fully understand.

Here is another article, titled Bitcoin is Aiding the Ransomware Industry, published…


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U.S. the 4th Worst Privacy Offender for Government Collection of Biometric Data

Researchers ranked 96 countries by their collection and use of biometric data.  Biometrics are gathered and stored as part of international travel, banking, law enforcement, healthcare tracking, and general surveillance by governments.

The worst offenders from a privacy perspective were:

  1. China
  2. Costa…

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Check to See if EMOTET Botnet Has Your Email Password

Happy Privacy Day!  Now go check to see if EMOTET botnet has stolen your email and password. 

Europol and a team of global law enforcement have successfully taken down part of the EMOTET botnet infrastructure and seized private data harvested by the cybercriminals.  Europol had made it easy for users to check to see if their email is part of…


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Finding the Next SolarWinds Type of Supply Chain Attack

The SolarWinds compromise showed that supply-chain attacks are possible and the ramifications can be tremendously impactful. Other nation states will be investing in efforts to duplicate this success. That makes IT tools, security products, hardware & firmware vendors, and cloud service providers prime targets for…


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WhatsApp Still Needs to Prove it is Trustworthy

In the aftermath of WhatsApp’s privacy notification to users, that they will again be sharing data with Facebook, there is still a lack of clarity.  I see a lot of statements from WhatsApp and general chatter regarding what data they will NOT be sharing.  But I have yet to find any specificity on what exact data they WILL be sharing with Facebook. …


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Cybersecurity Value is About Protecting Intangible Assets

Intangibles now account for 90% of the S&P’s total assets and it is no accident that the core of cybersecurity has evolved to protect those aspects of the business.  It is a natural progression for security to align with protecting the most important assets.  This is a crucial element when communicating the value and relevance to…


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Why are Cybersecurity Roles Confusing

The cybersecurity field is dynamic and the roles and responsibilities are ever changing.  People coming into the cybersecurity field often expect clearly defined positions and are surprised at the significant variance when looking at job descriptions or talking with professionals. 

It is a chaotic and confusing mess.  But, if you are…


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Law Enforcement is Seduced by Big Cybercrime Cases

Some important aspects are changing in law enforcement, when it comes to cybercrime. 

In today's video I look at the social aspects within the law enforcement community, the criminal evolution of cybercrime, and the resulting changes in behaviors that are driving fundamental improvements to cybercrime investigations around the globe.

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Top 2020 Cybersecurity Lessons for Cryptocurrency

As 2020 comes to a close, we can reflect back on some of the important cybersecurity lessons that are intertwined with the rapidly growing digital cryptocurrency economy.

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Privacy is at risk when security fails - especially for surveillance cameras

A recent incident involving city surveillance video data highlights some of the criminal privacy risks of public camera and biometric programs.  Without strong cybersecurity, everyone’s privacy could be undermined by cyber attackers, criminals, and malicious insiders.

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The CISO Dilemma - When Leadership Ignores Risks

What should a CISO do when the executive leadership chooses to ignore critical cyber risks? 

If the C-Suite and board are well informed of imperative vulnerabilities and yet choose a path to ignore security, the CISO is put in a position where they are incapable of effectively managing risk, yet still responsible when incidents…


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Objectives of Nation State Cyber Attackers

It is important to look into the motivations of government orchestrated cyberattacks, such as SolarWinds, as understanding the threat-agent’s objectives can provide important insights to their long-term goals and potential next steps.

Today I discuss the 4 primary reasons why Nation States conduct cyber warfare activities and evaluate that…


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Leaders and Losers of the SolarWinds Hack

The SolarWinds hack has had a significant ripple effect on the cybersecurity community, with over 18k organizations discovered to be severely vulnerable and at the mercy of nation-state hackers.  The security community realized some of the biggest companies, most sensitive government agencies, and critical infrastructure were at risk.  Some…


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Missing the Big Picture from the SolarWinds Hack

The cybersecurity industry is consumed with scale and effectiveness of one of the biggest hacks in recent memory.  The emerging narrative and stories are missing important pieces of the puzzle.  The attackers, likely a nation-state, gained unprecedented access to the U.S. government, military, critical infrastructure, and most major…


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Evolution of Law Enforcement is Driving Changes Cryptocurrency

There is an important transition that is happening with law enforcement’s adaptation to digital currencies.   Authorities are seizing billions worth of criminal’s cryptocurrency and their improving skills are proving crypto is not the safe haven that criminals thought it to be.

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Top 10 Privacy Thought Leaders and Influencers

I am honored to be among Thinkers360’s Top10 Privacy Thought Leaders and Influencers.  Our digital world is filling with so much information, it represents a growing risk to the privacy and respect of people.  We can have the benefits of innovative technology and still protect the privacy of individuals, so they are…


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FireEye Hacked – A Stark Reminder of Cybersecurity Risks

Even the best security organizations can be hacked!  Watch my message to both the cybersecurity industry as well as those attackers that hacked FireEye and stole the RedTeam tools. 

This skirmish went to the hackers, but the battle continues.

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