Implementation Guide For Secure Wireless Network

When we started this project of Secure Wireless LAN implementation in our organization, the key considering while evaluation that the solution must be robust, stable and highly secured so as to avoid security hassles and wireless threats.

Most companies go to great lengths to keep unauthorized users off their networks, but Wi-Fi access points can provide hackers with a convenient way in. That's because Wi-Fi signals are often broadcast for outside network - an enticing invitation for hackers.

Since many companies allow or even actively encourage employees to connect to the network using their own mobile devices - tablets and smartphones as well as laptops - it's not practical for most companies to switch off Wi-Fi access.

We have finalized Wireless LAN solution for us which is based on the below mentioned points which are absolutely necessary for having a matured WLAN access set up.

  • High security – WLAN facility will have different kind of users with different kind of access role. This naturally calls in for a system which can identify the variation among the users and provide a seamless connectivity and great user application experience. Having such kind of networks which has various kinds of users, it is an outmost necessity that the security engulfs the whole networking infrastructure right from the user to the core of the network. The implemented solution provides multiple layers of security to protect access to the wireless network, the data transmitted on the wireless network and the wireless users and infrastructure.
  • Reliability – The wireless LAN has a major part in it which is invisible and can’t be traced very easily if there is some problem in it. The RF part in WLAN is the most difficult part to manage and make it work flawlessly. Implemented solution has technology called Adaptive Radio Management which allows the organisation to forget the worries of managing the RF and does it all automatically.
  • Scalability – WLAN systems are extremely scalable and Flexible. The features and the functionalities that the system supports are embedded in the base OS of the controller and hence all the features are available throughout the range of the controllers. The Access Point support in the controllers are highly scalable and can start from as low as 4 and can go up to 2048 on a single controller platform.
  • Central Management – Considering large campus and is a constantly changing environment. A centralized solution which integrates its capabilities in a centralized controller makes it very easy for an enterprise to start small and broaden a deployment to support all kinds of Wireless Clients, mobile voice or general purpose business applications—email, Internet, server access and guest access — to increase the productivity of the mobile guests and internal employees while also provides a single point of configuration, troubleshooting, and security monitoring.
  • Ease of Implementation - The Aruba system is designed to be plug-and-play in most environments requiring no parameters to be configured individually in any equipment. The AP is having a plug and play kind of deployment flexibility and is connected to an existing Ethernet infrastructure. The controller has both the L2 and the L3 functionalities and can be spread over the existing network. The link from the Outdoor APs can be over UTP or Fibre.

Note: Motive of this project is to Provide secure Wireless LAN.

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Key Learning Dos and Don'ts :

  • Security planning as per the environment is very crucial and important.
  • It is very important for proper planning and handshaking for multisite setup and with centralized controller
  • A reliable and manageable network infrastructure is essential.
  • The ongoing management and maintenance of the access points and related equipment should be given serious consideration from the outset.
  • Site surveys can be carried out in proper to avoid any issue post implementation.
  • Wireless networks involve a lot more wires than the name would suggest.
  • Deployment of a wireless network does not necessarily lead to an increase in administration costs
  • What are your tips to evaluate Secure Wireless Networks? Share your views in the comments below.

-With Daljit Singh Sodhi, Aviva India Life Insurance, tells us the Dos and Don'ts of Secure Wireless Networks ClickToTweet

What are your tips to secure wireless networks? Share your views in the comments below.

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