Top 10 talks For 'CISOs & CXOs' from RSA Conference 2016 (USA)

Our editorial team has handpicked the best of the best talks at RSA Conference - one of the largest IT Security Conference in the world. Following is the list of top CISO talks at RSA Conference 2016.

RSA Conference held its 25th annual event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and brought together a record number of more than 40,000 attendees. Attendees experienced keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, top notch track sessions, tutorials and seminars along with networking and social activities including the RSAC Codebreakers bash at AT&T Park featuring Sheryl Crow, Walk off the Earth and Tony Hawk. Keynotes, sessions and debates focused on the Internet of Things, industrial control systems, encryption, artificial intelligence and machine learning, crowdsourcing, healthcare, automotive, and more, with many reflecting current industry news. (Source: RSA Conference USA 2016)

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1) Super CISO 2020: How to Keep Your Job

Speaker: Todd Fitzgerald ( @securityfitz )

This presentation gives some great insights on the present 2016 security scenario. Find content like security leadership in leading organizations, the C-Level stakeholders CISO needs to balance with, the workforce today, behavioral trends & more.

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2) How to Steer Cyber Security with Only One KPI: The Cyber Risk Re...

Speaker: Jan Nys ( @Jankbc777 )

This presentation gives you an understanding of the present security industry with key insights and also a roadmap to move ahead, threat landscape etc.

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3) Security Program Development for the Hipster Company

Speaker: Robert Wood ( @robertwood50 )

Cloud services have evolved and can now replace nearly every facet of traditional infrastructure. This movement has enabled rapid scale while introducing a considerable element of risk. This session will discuss a framework for getting started building a security program in an organization that is built purely on cloud services, covering the contradictions and opportunities of that business model.

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4) Partnership with a CFO: On the Front Line of Cybersecurity

Speaker: Dr. Christopher Pierson ( @DrChrisPierson )

'Many CFO's know that they need to spend more on cyber risk management', many such facts can help us understand the cyber security industry today. Communicating properly to the CFO can solve many pain points and this presentation helps us do so. Learn about Drivers, Compelling Arguments and more.

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5) The Measure of Success: Security Metrics to Tell Your Story

Speaker: Julie Bernard@juliein10A ), Wendy Frank , Lisa Lee@lisainmiami )

Information Security as a problem is rather complex and it gets more difficult in terms of quantification. This presentation helps us with some metrics that will help us make security more understandable.

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6) From Cave Man to Business Man, the Evolution of the CISO to CIRO

Speaker: James Christiansen ( @Riskydata )

The CISO is evolving to CIRO. Successful IT security leaders are transforming their skills to meet the demands for today and future needs of their organization. A CIRO understands how to prepare board presentations, information risk management, third-party risk and regulatory requirements, and how to balance those with the needs of the business. Earn your seat at the table by becoming a CIRO!

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7) Understanding the Security Vendor Landscape Using the Cyber Defe...

Speaker: Sounil Yu ( @sounilyu )

The Cyber Defense Matrix enables organizations to define clear categories for the range of products and services that are available in the marketplace to solve our various infosec problems. This model removes confusion around the security technologies that we buy and helps organizations align their vendors to have the right suite of capabilities to execute their information security mission.

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8) Vendor Security Practices: Turn the Rocks Over Early and Often

Speaker: Martin Andrews; Michael Hammer ( @MichaelHammer )

Too often security is reviewed at the end of the vendor selection process. It ends up blocking projects moving forward as you identify issues with already selected vendors. Reverse the process with security considered early and business teams can avoid investing precious time on unsuitable vendor candidates and get rankings for suitable ones. This session will show you how using real examples.

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9) Adjusting Your Security Controls: It’s the New Normal

Speaker: Jim Routh ( @jmrouth1 )

Most of us learned cybersecurity practices based on the application of controls that were part of a framework. Once the framework was implemented then the controls didn’t change often. It’s time to adjust our thinking and recognize that on-going adjustment of controls may be a better indicator of cyber-maturity than adherence to any framework.

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10) Are You Thinking about IT Outsourcing? Top Reasons, Risks and R...

Speaker: Lakshmi Hanspal ( @lakshmihanspal )

There is more to outsourcing than just the bottom line and running lean. Any organization embarking on this journey needs to (1) clearly identify and articulate the compelling narrative for steering in this direction, (2) have risk transparency on associated risks when someone else is running your critical part of the business and (3) enumerate the benefits expected to be reaped.

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