(Free PPTs) Top Talks @ SACON - 2017 !

Get free access to the presentations by Moshe Ferber, Gregory Pickett, Murray Goldschmidt, Dr.Philip Polstra & more. SACON is one of the largest Security Architecture Conferences in APAC region. With over 400+ participants, this was the 4th edition of SACON and here are a few highlights we wanted to share with you. It was held on 10th-11th Nov, Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India.

We had with us Top Security Industry Leaders who helped SACON with great content. For more details visit: sacon.io

Check out the full list of speakers here

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01. Cloud Security Architecture (Moshe Ferber)

This session includes understanding IaaS, threats & risks of cloud computing, securing IaaS platforms, securing IaaS instances

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02. Windows Forensic (Dr. Philip Polstra) 

Have you ever wanted to investigate a Windows and/or Linux breach but could not justify the 8 lakh rupees in software? This workshop will introduce attendees to Windows and Linux forensics using 100% free and open source software. Python and shell scripting will be used to easily analyze both Windows and Linux systems at a deep level.

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03. SecOps Workshop (Gregory Pickett)

Adaptive Network Protocol (ANP) allows systems to share events with each other. When one system sees a threat, they all see it and can respond in a coordinated fashion. Your network can, quite literally, respond to a threat all on its own. In this session, we’ll show you how ANP works, how to install it, and cover all the use cases from generating your own Threat Intelligence feed, to sharing fail2ban jails across clouds, to automatically NATing threats to honeypots, and many more. To show you how it works, there will be demos of some of these scenarios.

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04. Automating SecOps (Murray Goldschmidt)

Dynamic, high-velocity DevOps production environments deliver impressive results to enterprises. Security Teams now need to catch-up and be effective immediately. This 4-hour lab, on Security Automation for DevOps teaches ways improve security at the source and manage a secure environment across the lifecycle. Understand the DevSecOps stack and how to protect it by gaining visibility using automation, across development, applications, operating systems and the cloud covering SAST, DAST, 3rd party library scanning, continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and self-healing. Attendees will learn how start with simple security automation to protect DevOps environments - without becoming a bottle-neck in the process.

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05. Beyond Corp (Arnab Chattopadhayay)

It includes Google Beyond Corp principles, Beyond Corp Architecture Components, Types Of Data, Data Processing Flow, Correlation, Exceptions, Deployment, 3rd party systems, Challenges & more

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06. Enterprise Security Architecture (Bikash Barai)

Includes Architectural Methodologies, Major frameworks - Zachman & SABSA, challenges, CP - SSM, Key Elements, Threat Repository, NIST CSF & more

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07. Immutable Architecture (Nilanjan De)

Includes Immutable Infrastructure, Advantages, Disadvantages, How to implement, demo & more

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08. Cyber Risk Assessment Using Bayesian Network (R Venkat)

Includes Heat Map, Range Compression Problem, Uncertainty, Probability & Bayes Theorem, Bayesian Network & more

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09. DevOps Container (Richard Bussiere) 

Includes understanding of security risk posed by containers, what to do, demo & more

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10. Incident Response Automation & Orchestration (Amit Modi)

This session covers how to increase the efficiency of one's SOC

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11. Security Architecture (Arnab Chattopadhayay)

Includes a brief history of Enterprise Architecture,Zachman framework, SABSA (in-depth), Security standards & more

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12. API Security (Suhas Desai)

Includes API Security Trends, Risks & Security Governance


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13. Threat Modeling Overview (Abhishek Datta)

Includes Threat Modeling Basics, Approach, Purpose, Threat Vs Vulnerability, STRDE Framework, Threat Rating, Risk Analysis Model, DREAD, Countermeasures & more

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14. Threat Hunting (Chandra Prakash)

Includes threat hunting platform drivers, hunting styles, hunting maturity model (HMM), hunting strategy, data domains, data diversity, toolset diversity, kill chain, hunting process, data type & location, analytic technique, beacon, LatMov, staging, exfil & more

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15.Deception Technology (Sahir Hidayatullah)

This includes an understanding of deception and who should use it

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16. Threat Hunting Workshop (Shomiron Das Gupta) 

Includes fundamental understanding of threat hunting, process, plan and execution, tools & techniques, resources to learn, DNS Tunnelling, Webshells & more

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17.Automotive Security / Connected Cars (Aditya Kakrania)

Includes fundamentals of connected cars, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) & types, Controlled Area Network (CAN) Protocol, On-Board Diagnostics, Components Of Connected Cars

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18. Mobile App Security (Srinath Venkataramani)

This includes Mobile App Development - Attack Surface, Data authentication & App protection challenges, iOS & Android protection measures & more

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19.IoT Forum Fresh Thinking (Arvind Tiwary & Bikash Barai)

This is a joint initiative by TiE & CISO Platform. It explains IoT Security Challenges, Complexity and Introduces some ways of solving it (a fresh approach)

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20.Fresh Thinking IoT (Arnab Chattopadhayay)

Includes basic IoT security key components, hyper scale, key players, key security functions, functional aspects of IoT Security, Access control, network segments & more

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21.IoT Hackfest (Sri Chakradhar K)

This session was heavily covered with demos, the slides cover very little material. Includes Latest IoT Attacks

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